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We offer two program to make money with us.

  1. Pet Supply Affiliate Program
  2. Pet Supply Drop Ship Program

Are you ready to start making some serious cash?

The Key To Success
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Pet Supply Affiliate Program
Make money selling all our Pet Supplies.

Our Affiliate Program allows you to add our links to your website that direct customers to our website and when they make a purchase you get paid. Let Net2Pets.com do the work, like fulfilling orders and handling customer inquiries. You just concentrate on growing your Web Site and earning commissions!

The affiliate program allows you to sell all of our products just by using a simple code on your website.

Affiliate Program
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Pet Supply Drop Ship Program
et us drop ship Pet Supplies to your customers

Our Drop Ship Program allows you to add our products to your website, you collect the money then send us the order and we ship it to your customers. Our drop ship program removes the necessity of holding any inventory. You have the option to carry the products on you website and make your own prices for the products. Once we receive the orders from you, we then process the order and drop ship the product to the customer.

Drop Ship Program
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