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Pet Supply Drop Ship Program
Earn 10-50% Profit
Make money selling pet supplies, it's FREE to join

Congratulations! You are about to become part of one of the fastest growing pet supply business with our pet supply drop ship program. Net2Pets.com will help you build a successful and profitable business. through our drop ship site Net2malls Dropship

We do all the work.
Don't want to stock inventory and mess around with shipping? Tired of back orders and slow service with your current drop shipper? You concentrate on building your business and we'll fill all of your orders quickly and accurately. We offer the best drop shipping program available in this industry.

If you're looking to sell pet products without having to invest and carry inventory then you should consider our drop ship program.

Online sales and Retail sales can benefit from our Pet Supply Drop Ship Program. Collect orders from your customers then send them into us and we will ship it right from our warehouse.

Simply filled the form and we will get back to you very soon.
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How does our pet drop ship program work?
Basically it's very similar to our pet affiliate program the only difference is that you have the option to carry the products on you website and make your own prices for the products. Once we approved your account, you will be able to access our drop ship site, add all our pet products on your website, use the product information we provide and start taking orders. Once you receive an order, simply log into your account and send us the order. Once we receive the orders from you, we then process the order and drop ship the product to the customer.

What Is A Drop Ship Program?
Drop shipping is defined as selling a product that you don't actually have in your possession but have made arrangements with a company who does.

Two main reasons. Firstly it removes the necessity of holding any inventory. This simplifies the operation of the business, but it also benefits the cash flow. Money doesn’t have to be tied up in inventory. This is especially useful for a start-up business as it avoids having to risk your own money in buying inventory which you may not be able to sell. It also means that you can change the items you sell very easily. The other advantage is that Net2Pets.com takes care of shipping your orders, while you simply wait for the tracking number.   

Here Is How Our Program Works
You get paid from your customer, you send us the order through our drop ship website and we will, pack and ship the product for you and bill your account.

Simply add our products on your website and start taking orders. You have control of how much to charge the customer for the product. When you receive an order, simply log into our Drop Ship Website and place your order. When we receive an order from you, we then verify that the money has been sent via PayPal or charge your credit card for that amount of the order. We then process the order and ship the product to your customer. Once the order process has been complete, we will send you an email with the tracking number so you can provide it to your customer.

We're Just Getting Started
Our pet drop ship program is still growing and we will be adding more products every week.

Simply filled the form and we will get back to you very soon.
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